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Software for maintenance, safety and improvement management

One maintenance management system (OBS) with all functionality at your disposal and easy to switch on and off. You only use what is necessary. Unlimited number of simultaneously logged in users. No hidden costs. More than 300 companies are currently using our easy-to-use technical service software.

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By keeping our software as user-friendly as possible, implementation is easy for our customers. As a result, the implementation costs are easy to control and extremely low. We continuously strive to make and keep our software as intuitive as possible, so that the implementation effort is minimal. In >95% of our implementations, the number of consultation hours to be purchased remains below 10.

Because our software has been developed in collaboration with our customers, it remains simple and easy to use. All functions are designed for you to set up yourself. As a result, the entire project, software and implementation, remains manageable. All knowledge and expertise of our users is made available free of charge, so that the wheel does not have to be reinvented. All our software is web-based and can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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