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This page lists all new features and/or changes to ControlOffice.

  • The default part QR code and object QR code prints have been improved.
  • Several permissions have been improved in name and order to better match the rest of ControlOffice.
  • Open user rights group now collapsed for a better overview.
  • The planning board has been given more rights.
  • A user’s email address no longer needs to be unique, this makes it possible to use the same email address with multiple users.
  • When creating a part, the part group name is now shown instead of the code.
  • Free fields can now be displayed in reports using the handle: {{GetFreeField this [field name]}}
  • The number of selected rows is remembered in more places.
  • The filter options have been expanded in various places.
  • The relations import module has been improved.
  • The loading time when saving an object has been significantly improved.
  • Several translations have been improved.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Various language improvements have been made.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.
  • The (re)linking of existing attachments to items has been improved.
  • By means of the folder structure, an already uploaded file can be linked to an item again.
  • Fields with an amount in them are displayed more visually.
  • Objects deleted to the trash are now also removed from the tree structure.
  • A list of values ​​is checked for unique codes.
  • The requester of the report is no longer the requester of the work order when the report is converted to a work order. The requester of the work order is now the one who converts the report to a work order.
  • A checklist can now be correctly loaded into a work order afterwards. The contents of the tabs in the checklist are transferred to the work order.
  • The schedule board now shows all lines from planning by date that are coming up instead of just the lines whose previous work order has been completed.
  • Work orders with the status ‘Closed’ are no longer shown in the list of unplanned work orders in the planning board.
  • The ‘field fill’ in fields has been removed, a field without content is now completely white without a light gray text in it.
  • Various columns have been added to overviews.
  • Forms have been aligned with the rest of ControlOffice in terms of design.
  • There will now be a confirmation if 2 or more items are duplicated to avoid errors.
  • In a checklist, tab ‘Parts’, the number of planned parts can now be specified.
  • More columns have been added to the filter function in menu item ‘Stock’.
  • Various language improvements.
  • In ‘Planning by date’, the planning lines now automatically sort by date.
  • The schedule board now displays a tooltip when hovering over an item to see more information faster.
  • The unplanned work orders in the schedule board are now displayed at the top of the schedule board to view more information about the work orders.
  • Various visual improvements to the planning board.
  • Reports can now have a margin, orientation and page size specified.
  • The display of the field type ‘Yes/No’ has been improved.
  • The object exporter and importer has been improved.
  • The purchasing advice works as usual again.
  • Display of columns and functions in tabs have been improved.
  • Adding attachments to a project works again.
  • 3 MyControlOffice widgets items have been improved.
  • When a report is completed, the date/time and employee are filled in again.
  • An error message when executing the multi-action function for notifications has been fixed.
  • Fixed time zone difference bug in checklist tab ‘Planning’.
  • Report formatting has been improved.
  • Various language improvements have been made.
  • A user group can now be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with dragging an object to the top of the tree structure.
  • The ‘Creditor number’ field has been added to a relation.
  • Pop-ups now show 25 lines by default instead of 10.
  • Tabs within objects can now be configured via ‘Set up input screens’.
  • A background image can be added to the login screen via ‘Organization’.
  • Columns have been added in several places.
  • Sorting has been improved in several places.
  • From the object overview, multiple objects can be moved to another object group with one click.
  • Priorities and workflows now show their name in the dropdowns, not the code.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting value list values.
  • A problem with opening ‘Goods receipt’ has been solved.
  • The recalculation of the new planning date in ‘Planning by date’ has been improved.
  • Hourly bookings that are in the trash are no longer shown in the total count in the ‘Employees’ tab in the work order.
  • The problems with wrong times and time zones have been solved.
  • Deleting a line from the ‘Planning’ tab in the checklist is possible again.
  • Converting a report to a work order ensures that the report status goes to ‘In progress’.
  • A relation can now be disconnected by means of the cross icon of, for example, a work order or object.
  • Various translations and spelling errors have been corrected.
  • More filter options have been added to ‘Planning by date’ and ‘Planning by stand’.
  • Uploading an attachment to a relation is possible again
  • Changes have been made to the odata feeds for PowerBI reports
  • An important change has been made to the API. All GET statements have been replaced by odata calls. This helps to increase speed and prevents hangs when retrieving large amounts of data via the API. This means that the app must also be updated to version 1.0.5238 to prevent error messages.
  • A bug in adding a folder to the tree structure has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in an Excel export that caused commas to be removed.
  • The default language can now be selected for each website. This language setting applies to all users. To do this, go to ‘System management’, then to ‘Organization’. Dutch and English are currently available, more languages ​​will be added in due course.
  • An issue with creating a new form group has been fixed.
  • A checklist can now be removed from an object.
  • The part picker when creating a purchase order line has more columns for a better search result, including the ‘Code at supplier’ has been added as a column.
  • The problem with making an hourly booking on a work order, if the work order has an attachment, has been resolved.
  • The user rights regarding who can edit a work order status have been improved.
  • The user rights regarding who can edit the tree structure have been improved.
  • A user right has been added to control who can convert a report into a work order. This right can be found under the rights under ‘Notifications’.
  • In a purchase order, the contact person can now be selected via a picker from the contact persons as saved with the relation.
  • In all overviews you can now choose ‘All’ with regard to the number of lines displayed.
    In this way, for example, all lines can be exported to Excel.
  • Please note, this can negatively affect the loading speed with large numbers.
  • Some spelling errors have been corrected.
  • The problem with adding a form to a work order, or vice versa, has been resolved.
  • Modifying a value list via the multi-action has been improved.
  • Converting a plan line (Schedule by date) to a work order has been improved.
  • Reporting a work order as finished has been improved.
  • Purchase orders without an order date are now displayed.
  • The unit in a purchase order line has been removed from the description column and placed in a separate column ‘Unit’.
  • The translation to English has been partly completed. The language chosen in the browser is used to control the translation. Adjust your browser language to see either Dutch or English.
  • The export to Excel button has been added in ‘Inventory’.
  • Attachments added to a checklist or notification are now automatically transferred to the work order. Click on the rule in the attachment tab to turn it off.
  • The correct work order statuses are now displayed in the schedule board.
  • The correct purchase order print is displayed in the mail that can be sent.
  • Saving a field with the type ‘Free input numeric’ has been improved.
  • The search function in ‘Stock’ works again.
  • Fixed an error when filtering on a date.
  • Putting a filter on a (report or work order) number has been improved.
  • Lead time in a work order is now used to determine the size of the schedule board item
  • Corrected the bug that fields that disappeared after creating an hour booking in a work order.
  • The columns ‘Employees’ and ‘Clusters’ have been added to the filter options
1 New look & feel
The main menu consists of integrated links, which can be expanded or collapsed. The overview screens have been updated in terms of appearance and buttons.
The detail screens contain multiple columns to more effectively display the data next to each other, making optimal use of the width of the screen.
As a user, you are in charge of the columns and layout of almost all screens. Many functions have become drag & drop.

2. Fill-in screens
In TDOffice it is possible to determine which fields were visible, editable and mandatory via layout input screens. This is also possible in ControlOffice, but now by means of drag & drop and the screen can be divided into 3 columns to use the full width of your screen. In addition, the number of free fields that were limited to 10 in TDOffice has become unlimited. The free fields can be created separately, and then added to each entry screen, such as a work order entry screen, notification entry screen, hour booking entry screen, etc.

After logging in, as a user you immediately see a dashboard tailored to the user with interesting and useful information to be even better informed about all activities (including KPIs) in ControlOffice.

4. Overview screens
In the overview screens you can now determine how many item lines you want to see at the same time as a user in the list, there is a choice of 25, 50 or 100 item lines.

5. Exit without saving
Every detail screen, for example of a work order, now has a built-in security that you cannot leave this screen without getting a warning that you have made changes, with the option to Ignore, Save or Cancel.

6. List
In ControlOffice you can display lists in various places in which the details from a tab are shown. For example, you can now immediately view, change and add activities from the detail tab in a work order without going to the corresponding tab.

7. Signatures
A field type ‘Signature’ can be added in, among other things, a work order, report, form and object. As a user, you can then create and save a signature in a field.

8. Chat function
In a work order you can communicate through a chat.
Employees can leave a message that is provided with a time code and the name of the employee in question, which can then be responded to by other users.

9. Images
Images can be added to the master cards of an object and part to make it immediately visible which object or part it concerns.

10. Relationships
Suppliers have been renamed to “Relationships” and are now directly in the main menu. Documents and free fields can now also be added to a relation.

11. Scheduling
The (preventive) planning has been given a makeover, there is now a main menu item for planning by date and planning by stand.

12. Checklists
The control of a checklist has completely changed. More options are available to set up an interval. For example, you can now choose fixed days to perform a checklist.
You can also set whether a checklist is allowed to automatically create work orders. As soon as the planning zone is reached, work order(s) are automatically generated.
In addition, more fields from the work order can now be defaulted to the checklist, so that the work order looks even clearer and better every interval.

13. Planboard
The planning board has been completely renewed, it now works even more intuitively to plan the work orders.

14. Colors per status in the planning board
A color can be set for each work order status. This color is reflected in the planning board.

15. Purchasing
The purchasing module has been improved, there are fewer fields, making purchasing even easier. A (desired) delivery date can be specified per order line.

16. Reception
Receiving parts is now done per order line. The main menu item ‘Goods received’ indicates per order line what you can expect and when.

17. Columns
You can fully determine which columns you want to display per overview screen.
Fields from an object can now appear as a column in every overview screen that contains an object.

18. System management
The functions under ‘System management’ and ‘Basic file management’ have been combined into one clear menu.

19. Form and object master cards
The master cards for forms and objects are now both separated in their own menu item. Both a form and an object now have a ‘box’ of fields, these fields can then be added to one or more master cards. For example, a field only needs to be created once instead of per master card.

20. Delete and recycle bin function
All reports have a button to move items to the trash, and also a button to open the trash. An item can be restored or permanently deleted from the trash.

21. Notification and Work Order Types
As a user you can now create your own notification and work order types.

22. Notification and Work Order Statuses
As a user you can create your own notification and work order statuses.

23. Purchase order statuses
As a user, you now determine the statuses for a purchase order yourself.

24. Cost Entries
The expense entries have received a complete makeover. Booking costs is now even easier. The costs are also directly visible from, for example, an object or work order.

25. Employees and Users
A person in TDOffice can now be a user and/or an employee.

26. User Rights
The user rights have been changed.
More rights have been added to make it even easier to determine who can do what and where.
For example, it can be determined per employee whether that person may be an employee on a work order, or a responsible person.

27. Extra work order status ‘Closed’
The work order has a new status; Closed
Once the work order has this status, it cannot be changed. No more hours, parts or costs can therefore be booked on this work order(s).
The Admin user can optionally reset the status to make the work order editable again.

28. Done date/time and employee
In both the report and work order, it is now automatically tracked when they have been reported ready, and which employee has done this. This is also recorded in the work order for the statuses ‘Written off’ and ‘Closed’.

29. Multi-Action
The multi-action button on reports and work orders now works across every field in a report and work order. Free fields can now also be edited via the multi-action.

30. Filter
Each overview screen has, in addition to a general filter, also a filter button to perform extensive searches. For example, a date range (from/to) can now be specified.

31. Automatic Bill of Materials
The BOM of an object is now automatically built based on the expenses and purchases.

32. Fixed settlement price
For the fixed transfer price of a part, you can set how it should be calculated, there are 3 options:
– Free field; you determine the price yourself (as TDOffice currently works)
– Purchase price main supplier; the price of the main supplier is the VVP
– Average purchase price; the average purchase price is used as FRP
In addition, a storage percentage can be specified.

33. Passwords
You can now set how strong a password must be set up and for which period a password is valid. In addition, a user can reset his password himself in the login screen by means of an email.

34. Parts History
For each part, a tab is available with the historical releases and orders of that part.

35. Copy
More places in ControlOffice, such as checklists and order forms, have been given a copy function.

36. Activities
Work can now be created in a table and then assigned to each checklist or work order. Activities can of course still be created separately per checklist or work order.

37. Symptoms
In addition to the general table of symptoms, one or more symptoms can now be assigned to an object group per object group. If a report or work order is made on an object, only the symptoms belonging to this group are displayed.
At a later stage we want to expand this with solutions and causes per symptom.

38. Print barcodes or QR codes
Multiple barcodes or QR codes can be printed directly from the object and parts overview. Select one or more objects or parts and click the corresponding button.

39. Barcodes or QR codes with received goods
If desired, a barcode or QR code can be printed immediately from a goods receipt for the part to be received.

40. Efficacy Outcomes
An outcome can now be linked to an activity. For example, good, bad, repair needed, etc. These outcomes can be determined by yourself.

41. Standard Reports
The notification, work order and purchase order form can now be created and modified yourself from ControlOffice.

42. Follow-up work order
A follow-up work order can now easily be created from an activity. Select one or more activities and convert them into a follow-up work order with one click, whereby the link between the source work order and the follow-up work order is recorded.

43. Edit options in a text field
For example, in the explanation field or solution in the work order, colors, bold or bullets can be used to format the text even better.

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